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Hair Net

Hair nets, also called nets or cauls for short, have been around since ancient times. They are elastic, weave-like materials used to hold the hair in place. Today, hair nets are used for different purposes. And may come in various designs, sizes, colors, and makes. They may be found in deparment stores, specialty shops, and are also sold online.

Brief history of hair nets

Because hair nets are usually found in the tombs of females during the late Roman and Byzantine Egypt era, they are presumed to have been used by women alone. Hair nets are also said to have been part of the regular attire of women as they have been buried with ordinary clothes, and not with special burial costumes. Hair nets have proven to be a fashionable statement during the era. In Germany and England, hair nets are used since the 13th century. During the medieval period, these hair nets are fashioned into women's hair together with wimples. Wimples are garments that cover the head and are wrapped around the neck and chin. In medieval times, the hair nets are made of the very fine silk. The Victorian era had also seen the importance of hair nets as the time emphasises neatness.

Uses of hair nets

Hair nets have somehow made their mark in fashion history. Their styles did change over the times, depending on the era and the culture of the users. In more recent times, hair nets have been identified with 1940s glamour. During the '40s, hair nets are knotted and also called snoods. They are different from the snoods of the 1860s, a time when they have supposedly regained fashionable status again. Today, hair nets are usually seen used by older women or by actresses in period pieces. Some hair nets are not even called as such but are called bouffant caps. The main purpose of bouffant caps is hygiene. Doctors and service crews alike use this 21st unfashionable version of the hair net.

Valuable hair nets

For any type of product, historical value can make it expensive or just simply priceless. Would you believe that for some hair nets, both historical and material value contribute to their estimated cost? It has been reported that very few golden hair nets have been found, especially those that date back to ancient times. The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California holds one such golden hair net. The headdress dates back to 220 - 100 BC. It is more elaborate than the hair net that people today are familiar with. The golden hair net is made up of several parts, including tassels and a medallion.

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